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Mirabilandia Park for Recreation and Relaxation

Mirabilandia Park is the third biggest entertainment park in the whole of Brazil. The thrill rides, the commanding Ferris wheel, the dizzying heights, and rides that splash through the water after falling from a breathtaking height – this is the spirit of Mirabilandia Park.  People go there for the fun, and thrill.   Imagine a park that can accommodate over 40,000 people at the same time!

The excited screams, laughter, and music are just the backdrop for the colorful thousands who visit Mirablandia Park each year.  The carnival atmosphere lives and breathes here. This park has much to offer in terms of family fun.  You can have your snacks, and favorite drinks after those dizzying rides – the Brucumela, Sea Dragon, and Looping Star are just some of the rides there.  

When the Sea Dragon of Mirabilandia park drops into the water, the jet streamed generated is so strong, soaking all onlookers.  This does not dampen their interest – and they line up for the ride.  If you want a seat, be sure to wear your water togs; and if you want those exciting pictures of your family screaming with delight, be sure your camera is water proof – just to be sure.         

If you ride the Katun or the roller coaster be ready to hold on tight.  The sudden loops and swirls and the dips and drops complete the ingredients for a terrifying but exciting ride.  No wonder people keep lining up for tickets.

With the Looping Star you will experience defying gravity.  Riding the loop and having your feet up and your down – is another kind of acrobatic ecstasy.  The ride will also take you up to the skies and bring you back to earth and before you can even compose yourself for the next surprise you already zooming for another loop. 

The toothy Brucumela caterpillar heats up by starting slow and goes top speed in dizzying turns and dips.  But this is a tamer ride compared to the Kamikaze or Katun.  The Kamikaze will turn you upside down.  Although it won’t take you miles away, the excitement is still at top peak.  You can see the city below either head up or down.   

Abstain from any drinks or sandwiches sold in the several stalls.  Have a good meal later after your last ride.  You can go to the better sections of the city for a good bite of chicken or rice and beans.

It is indeed hard to take all the rides and see everything in one single day. To enjoy Mirabilandia Park, take your time to let it sink in.  Figure out what you want to see and do and stay in the area for a couple of days.  If you stick to your game plan you can see much of the place. 

You can reach the park by taking a bus, or a cab.  It is won’t be hard to find since it is near the Centro de Convencoes de Pernambuco, a very prominent building in the area.  Tickets are available at R$18,00 for whole passports (for adults) and R$18,00 for half passports (for children).  These passports allow the holder access to all rides in the park.  Park access is also available at R$10,00 and R$5,00 for whole and half access. These only allow entrance to the park and do not include access to the rides. 

A visit to this park can be combined with sightseeing tours of the area surrounding the Mirabilandia park either by bus, car, plane or helicopter.  The park is open all year round without a drop in its carnival atmosphere and fun.  When you book your stay in Brazil, request the tour agency to include a day in the park.

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